Push for PORTER

izquierdaThree Jolly Sneaksmenderecha

Three jolly sneaksmen they all went out
To rob and to plunder without any doubt
Coach and six come riding by
Stop stop coachman they all did cry

Whack fol the day
Diddle ol the day
Whack fol the dol dol
Diddle ol the day

Three jolly sneaksmen they come to the coach
Three pretty fair maids there they did approach
Three pretty maids cries what shall we do
Give us all your money and we won't hurt you

Five hundred pounds they have got in gold
Five hundred pounds such a sight to behold
Silver topped cane and a gold lace cap
Such a fine haul for the sneaksmen to snap

Three jolly sneaksmen in Hyde Park Street
Three blue-coated gentlemen they happened for to meet
Tap em on the shoulder one two three
Three jolly sneaksmen come along a me

Sizes and sessions are soon drawing near
Three jolly sneaksmen at the bar appear
Judge casts around with a rolling eye
Three jolly sneaksmen bound for to die

Three jolly sneaksmen mount the gallows tree
Jack Ketch he come along just as soon as they
Took all their togs and their rhino too
Three jolly sneaksmen bid the world adieu