Push for PORTER

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As I walked down to New York town, a fair maid I did meet
She asked me back to see her place; she lived on Barrack Street

And away, Santee, my dear Annie
Oh, you New York girls, can't you dance the polka?

And when we got to Barrack Street we stopped at 44
Her mother and her sister were waiting at the door

And when I got inside the house, the drinks were passed around
The liquor was so awful strong, my head went round and round
And then we had another drink before we sat to eat
The liquor was so awful strong, I quickly fell asleep

When I awoke next morning, I had an aching head
And there was I, Jack, all alone stark naked in me bed
My gold watch and my money and my lady friend were gone
And there was I, Jack, all alone stark naked in that room

Oh, looking round that little room, there's nothing I could see
But a woman's shift and apron that were no use to me
With a barrel for a suit of clothes, down Cherry Street forlorn
Where Martin Churchill took me in and he sent me 'round Cape Horn
So sailor lads, take warning, when you land on New York shore
You'll have to get up early to be smarter than a whore