Push for PORTER

izquierdaMac The Knife (Kevin's)derecha

Oh, the vaccines on the way now, soon we can resume life in full,
Pull the masks off, smile at people, hug and kiss folk without fear,

Peek in windows, see our loved ones, open doors wide and step inside,
Sit at tables, shoulder to shoulder, touch each other, no need to hide,

Hug our children, and our grandkids, visit sisters and brothers too,
Take a train ride and a bus trip, Chat to the stranger sitting next to you

Travel freely round our country, see the squad car but have no fear,
Tax, insurance and NCT check, They wont question if home is near,

Wave at old friends across the road go, shake their hands and kiss their cheek
Have a coffee, have a meal out go see a show Oh what a treat

This old covid will be a memory, But it sure has made it's mark,Now I will never take for granted,
Freedom to walk the beach or park.

Oh the vaccines on its way now we can set aside our fear
Full of hope now, anticipation of the freedom that's ooh soo near

52 weeks we are zooming, in 52 weeks we've come so far
Friendships strengthened and as they've lengthened We've found courage to fight this war

This time next year we'll be meeting, we'll be greeting and hugging all
But for now friends lets just stay safe vaccination is on it's way

Oh the vaccines on its way now. x 3