Push for PORTER

izquierdaThe Latchycoderecha

Johnny McCauley


Well my brother he's a Latchyco
Although he is my twin
And where ever I go in
London town
I find I just can't win
I get the blame for his misdeeds
No matter where I roam
Oh if I could find that latchyco
I'd send him right back home.

From Kilburn up to Hammersmith
From the Bush to Camden Town
The barman and the governers
Seem to greet me with a frown
From the Holloway Road
To Cricklewood
I'm sure to hear them say
Get out of here you Latchyco
They sent me on my way.

I was working down on the Underground
On the new Victoria Line
When I went to draw my hard
Earned wage
I still had cause to find
They said we paid you yesterday
Sure yer face we've always known
Oh he'll have to go that Latchyco
I'll send him right back home

I was walking down the Edgware Road
When who came on the scene
But a quare one and she grabbed at me
Saying darling where have ye been
But she should have been riding
On a broom
With a hat shaped like a cone
Oh he'll have to go that latchyco
I'll send him right back home.

Well I've been searching for a month or more
For that twin brother of mine
And what they say in the papers today
It seems like the end of the line
There's a picture of a dark haired boy
With a story there below
My how that picture looks like me
But no it's The Latchyco

The story tells of a brave young man
Who ran in all alone
The burning mass of wrecking flames
That once was a happy home
He gave his life but not before
He set two children free
So now I know The Latchyco
Is a better man than me

Yes now I know the latchyco is a
Better man than me