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Dave Sudbury

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In the West End of Derby, lives a working man
He says I can't fly, but my pigeons can
And when I set them free, it's just like part of me
Gets lifted up on shining wings

Charlie Hudson's pigeon loft, was down the yard
Of a rented house in Brook Street, where life was hard
But Charlie had a dream, and in 1913
Charlie bred a pigeon that made his dream come true

There was going to be a champions race, from Italy
We got out the maps, all that land and sea
Charlie you'll lose that bird, but Charlie never heard
He put it in a basket, and he sent it off to Rome

On the day of the big race, a storm blew in
A thousand birds were swept away, and never seen again
Charlie we told you so, surely by now you know
When you live in the West End, there ain't many dreams come true

Yeah I know, but I had to try
A man can crawl around, or he can learn to fly
And if you live 'round here, the ground seems awful near
Sometimes I need a lift to victory

I was off with me mates, for a pint or two
When I saw a wing flash, up in the blue
Charlie it's the King of Rome, come back to his West End home
Come outside quick, he's perched up on your roof

Come on down, Your Majesty
I knew you'd make it, back to me
Come on down, my lovely one
You made my dream come true