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Zozimus (Michael Moran)

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In Egypt's land, contagious to the Nile
Auld Pharaoh's daughter, she went to bathe in style
She took her dip and come unto the land
And for to dry her royal pelt she ran along the strand
And a bulrush tripped her whereupon she saw
A lovely smiling babby all in a wad of straw
She took the babby up and says she in accents mild
"Ah here, leave it out girls now, which one of yis owns the child?"

And then little Moses, he gave a little grin
For she and the Pharaoh were standing in their skin
"Begobben" says the Pharaoh, "it was somebody very rude
That left a little baby in the river in his nude."
She took him to her ol' lad sitting on the throne
"Oh da," says she, "Would you give the boy a home?"
"Begobben," says the Pharaoh, "I've often took in worse
Go nip down to the market square and get the child a nurse."

When she went to the market square, now
The only one she'd find
Was the little young one that left the child behind
And she was letting on to be a stranger, mar dhea
And never letting on that she was the babby's ma
And so little Moses, he got his mammy back
Such a co-in-ci-dence, and isn't that the crack