Push for PORTER

izquierdaFar Beyond Carrickfinnderecha

Ian Smith, Enda Cullen


O'er the wind you'd tell stories
of men lost at sea
to the cold of the water
from the draw of the waves.
The sea threw her salt air
hard in to my eyes.
I hid deep 'neath your topcoat
with the fears of a child.

In dreams we're still standing,
my hands small in yours
as we watch the tide break
over our Donegal shores.
Pure gold treads the swell,
white surge rolling in,
a low sun sends shadows
far beyond carrickfinn.

Grey seals sing your name
while they bask in the sun,
guiding you homeward,
blue dolphin shall run.
Stars by the way
as your journey begins,
my love will run with you
far beyond Carrickfinn.

Stars by the way
as your journey begins
my love will run to you
far beyond Carrickfinn.