Push for PORTER

izquierdaDónal Ógderecha
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If you should go across the water
Take me with you to be your partner
At fair day market you'll be well looked after
And you shall sleep with the Greek King's daughter

I saw you first on a Sunday evening
Before the Easter, as I was kneeling
'Twas of Christ's passion that I was reading
But my mind was on you and my own heart bleeding

Oh Dónal Óg, you'll not find me lazy
Like many a high born expensive lady
I'll do your milking and I'll nurse your baby
And if you're set on I'll defend you bravely

Oh you said you would meet me but you were lying
Behind the sheepfold as the day was dying
I whistled first and then started hailing
But all that I heard were the young lambs wailing

You said you would give me but you spoke lightly
Fish skin gloves that would fit me tightly
Bird skin shoes for when I go out walking
And a silken dress that would set Ireland talking

My mother she said we should not be meeting
That I should pass you by and not give you greeting
'Twas a good time surely you chose for cheating
With the stable bare and the horse retreating

Oh black as the sloe is the heart that's in thee
Black as the coal is the grief that blinds me
Black as a boot print on a shining hallway
An it was you that blackened it forever and always

For you took what's before me and what's behind me
You took East and West when you would not mind me
Sun, moon and stars from my sky you have taken
And God as well or I'm much mistaken