Push for PORTER

izquierdaCarolina Starderecha

Hugh Moffat


Back in the hills, oh, slow rollin' hills,
Where North Carolina comes close to the stars,
There's livin' a lady who's shinin' so high,
They call her the "Carolina Star".

She works at the factory from Monday through Friday.
She's raisin' three daughters alone.
Their daddy's away. He's chasing a dream.
She's living for the day that he comes home.

Oh, Carolina,
Even stars get lonesome now and then.
Oh, Carolina,
Don't you worry. He'll be comin' home again.

He's playin' his songs in Nashville.
He's pickin' for tips in a bar.
He's broke and all alone, and he dreams of going home.
He's gonna be a country singin' star.

Sometimes she wakes up thinking of him.
She remembers him beside her in the night,
Out across the fields the moon is settin',
And those Carolina stars are shining bright.