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John Williamson

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I've been called a redneck, I've been called green
I've been all the colours in between
I've been browned off about a thing or two
But when I fight with my woman call me blue

I've been as good as gold called a silver tail
Been through a purple patch of a moderate scale
I've been going grey as all men do
But when I fight with my woman call me blue

But it doesn't happen often I gotta say
We had a disagreement the other day
There was a cold silence for an hour or two
Things said in anger but we both knew

It's going to end up with a tear and a smile
A kiss and a cuddle in a little while
Early in the morning the sun will shine
I'll be her's and she'll be mine
We ll walk down the street with our hearts aglow
Hand in hand with our love on show
And not a soul will have a clue
That yesterday you could call me blue